When it comes to hair removal and pigmented lesions, it’s essential to use effective and high-quality, FDA and market-approved lasers to achieve the best results. The alexandrite laser is known for its high efficacy and output energy, allowing it to remove large spots with unsurpassed speed and power. Only a few laser centers take the time to educate their patients about the materials and technology they use and apply in their daily treatments, but at Zap Laser Center, we strive to provide readily available information to everyone who visits our clinic. 

In this article, we will talk about what the Alexandrite Laser is, what it’s used for, its benefits over other technology, and how Zap Laser Center uses it to treat different skin conditions and remove unwanted hair. We aim to educate the public about our means and methods with complete transparency. 

Read ahead to learn more about the Alexandrite Laser. 

Key Takeaways


  • The Alexandrite Laser is one of Zap Laser Center’s preferred systems for hair removal and pigmented lesions. 
  • It’s a highly efficient, pulsed laser system ideal for light skins with a 755 nm wavelength. 
  • The alexandrite laser can be used for safe and effective laser hair removal, pigmented lesions, and damaged blood vessels. 
  • Some of the benefits of the alexandrite laser include high melanin absorption, an efficient cooling system, and the ability to remove large spot sizes. 
  • Zap Laser Center has thorough experience with the alexandrite laser. We follow all safety protocols when delivering treatment for these lesions. 

What is the Alexandrite laser?

There are many types of lasers with different uses and benefits. The alexandrite laser, however, is one of Zap Laser’s preferred systems for hair removal. It’s a highly efficient, pulsed laser system that emits light in bursts of low energy but has peak powers for more complex applications. It can be short-pulsed (between 50-100 ns) or long-pulsed (2-40 ms). It provides highly efficient hair, sunspots, and aging spot removal on light skin. Its 755 nm wavelength allows deeper light penetration and a more efficient treatment. 

What is it used for?

Because the alexandrite laser is highly absorbed by melanin, it’s ideal for unwanted hair removal and pigmented lesions like age spots, sun spots, birthmarks, and freckles. Its high-output energy allows us to remove large spot sizes of up to 20 mm in diameter, which provides an advantage for treatment in large areas like the back and legs. The alexandrite laser can be used for the following:

Unwanted Hair

The laser absorbed by the melanin in hair follicles emits a light energy that converts into heat, damaging the hair follicle and safely and effectively removing unwanted hair. The alexandrite laser is excellent for laser hair removal in almost all skin types. 

Pigmented Lesions

For pigmented lesions like sunspots and aging spots, the Alexandrite Laser decomposes the melanin in the area through heating, which is later eliminated through regular metabolism. The melanin is broken down and expelled, causing the pigmented lesion to disappear. 

Vascular Lesions

The method in which the Alexandrite Laser removes vascular lesions (like spider veins) is simple. Using thermal heat, the damaged blood vessels are destroyed. It specifically targets the hemoglobin in the affected spot, leaving the surrounding skin untouched.

What are the benefits of the Alexandrite Laser?

The alexandrite laser comes with many benefits. It is highly effective and can be used on various skin types. It also provides superior efficacy for removing everything mentioned above. The advantages of using the alexandrite laser over other lasers include: 

  • It’s smaller, lighter, and more portable than other laser systems 
  • It’s highly absorbed by melanin, so it’s superior for laser hair removal, especially on fair skin. 
  • The high output energy makes it ideal for large spot sizes of up to 20 mm in diameter
  • It comes with a compressed air jet skin-cooling system. Since it’s continuously cooling the skin as it works, it allows for treatment at high pulse rates and rapid repetition. 
  • It has high patient satisfaction because of its efficiency
  • It’s user-friendly, easy, and convenient to use
  • Its handpiece auto zoom lens allows technicians to change spot sizes quickly. 

Technical Information 

Technical Information

If you’re looking for more technical specifications of the alexandrite laser, we have developed a handy chart: 

Laser wavelength 755 nm
Maximum energy per pulse 70 J
Laser pulse width 0.5-100 ms
Maximum average power 120 W
Pulse repetition rate Single shot to 5 Hz
Beam delivery Optical fiber 10 ft (3 m) length
Optical fiber core diameter 1 mm
Hand-piece spot size 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 mm
Skin cooling method Compressed chilled air jet

 How does Zap Laser use it for treatments?

DDC Technologies is our choice distributor and manufacturer for our alexandrite laser system. We use this system for removing unwanted hair, age spots, sun spots, birthmarks, and freckles. 

Before starting every treatment, we provide eye protection for all our patients and place a handpiece against the skin’s surface, targeting specifically affected spots. The built-in cooling device allows for more consistent and continuous pulses. We may apply a topical anesthetic, but it’s usually not necessary. 

The Alexandrite Laser is a Versatile Tool!

Zap Laser Center has the experience and equipment for removing unwanted hair, pigmented, and vascular lesions in light skin types. Using the alexandrite laser, we provide efficient and safe treatments for spider veins, sunspots, and age spots. This tool is one of the best in the market, and you can find it here at our laser center in Denver!


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