Botulinum toxin, or Botox, is recognized for its ability to minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles. Botox, however, is far more versatile than that and can be used for various medical and cosmetic purposes. While most people think about fillers to shape the lips, Botox can also be used to define the top lip and decrease a gummy smile. This procedure is known as a botox lip flip, an excellent option for a slight but noticeable change.

A botox lip flip is a non-surgical procedure where botox is injected into the corners of your mouth and edges of your lips to create the illusion of fuller lips and decrease the appearance of gums in your smile. Below, we’ll go into more detail on how it works and how it differs from fillers. 

How Does the Lip Flip Work?

Botox is a neurotoxin that temporarily relaxes or paralyzes the muscles it’s injected into. For this reason, it’s often used to smooth out wrinkles caused by muscle contractions, like crow’s feet or forehead lines. When injected into the lips, it can change the shape of the lips by relaxing the muscles around them.

A small amount of botox is injected into the muscles that control the shape of your lips. The liquid injected relaxes these muscles and causes the corners of your mouth to turn up and create a pouty look, making your top lip appear fuller. The result is a more defined cupid’s bow, less gum show, and an enhancement of your natural lip shape — without fillers!

How Long Does It Last?

The great thing about the botox lip flip is that it’s a relatively quick and easy procedure with little to no downtime. The results are also not permanent, so if you’re unhappy with how your lips look after the treatment, you don’t have to worry about them looking that way forever. In most cases, a botox lip flip results will last for 3-6 months, at which point you can decide whether or not to have another treatment.

Who Needs a Botox Lip Flip?

If you’re considering a botox lip flip, it’s essential to have realistic expectations about the treatment results. It’s important to remember that this procedure will not give you movie-star lips; instead, it will enhance your natural lip shape and make them look fuller and more defined.

That being said, some specific candidates are better suited for this procedure than others. The ideal candidate for a botox lip flip is someone who:

  • Wants to increase the fullness of their top lip without injectable fillers
  • Wants a subtle change that will enhance their natural features
  • Is looking for a non-surgical option with little to no downtime
  • Is in good general health

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What’s the Difference Between Botox Lip Flip and Fillers?

Fillers are a popular injectable treatment that can add volume to the lips and create a more youthful appearance. Unlike botox, which relaxes the muscles around the mouth to create a fuller lip, fillers add volume to the lips by filling them out from within.

Many different fillers can be used for this purpose, each with unique properties. The type of filler right for you will depend on your specific goals and objectives. 

So why choose a botox lip flip over fillers? There are a few key reasons: 

  1. Botox is less expensive than fillers.
  2. Botox lip flips provide a subtle enhancement, while fillers can sometimes create an unnatural look.
  3. The results of a botox lip flip are not permanent, so you can go back to your natural look if you’re not happy with the results. 
  4. There is little to no downtime after a botox lip flip, while fillers can sometimes cause bruising and swelling.

If you’re considering a lip enhancement but don’t want to go the filler route, a botox lip flip is definitely worth considering. It’s a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to achieve fuller, more defined lips without any permanent commitment.

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