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Laser Hair Removal

The safe, gentle, most effective form of laser hair removal is available here in Denver! Our FDA approved procedure and is a combination of two lasers in one, allowing us to perform treatment on absolutely ANY SKIN TYPE! The laser is a beam of light, which translates heat through an existing hair into the follicle cauterizing the nutrient supply making the follicle unable to produce new hair.

Don’t let fuzz get in the way of your self-confidence: Discretely get rid of it with laser facial hair removal.

Sunspot Removal

Sun spots, age spots, liver spots, freckles, solar lentigines, and other benign pigmented lesions resulting from sun-damage, can be removed from nearly any body area.  Laser removal of sun spots can significantly enhance your skin’s appearance of commonly treated areas such as face, arms, hands, chest and back.


Laser Hair Removal

Men regularly visit us for hair removal, cool sculpting, facial and body treatments. Many have similar – yet different – concerns as the women who visit us.  Laser hair removal for men is very common. Typically the areas of the shoulders, back, chest and between the eyebrows are treated.

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