What is dermaplaning? This exfoliation procedure uses a medical scalpel to exfoliate the surface of your skin gently. Most dermatologists agree that dermaplaning is one of the best ways to get rid of dull, lackluster skin.

Dermaplaning is similar to shaving your face—except that it is done in a medspa and addresses much more than facial hair. It may sound strange, but facial hair removal, baby-soft skin, and a flawless foundation base have made this product a massive hit in recent years. Basically, it’s an exfoliant with a lot more power, and it’s an excellent complement for those who already exfoliate. 

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

This non-invasive procedure enhances the overall appearance of your skin. In addition to smoothing out the skin’s texture, this treatment promotes quicker cell turnover, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and helps the skin prepare for more rejuvenating procedures such as lasers and peels. 

When do I need to get it done? 

This procedure is fantastic if your skin needs a major refresh. If you have rough, dull-looking skin or flaky patches, then this could be the treatment that will give you the results you want. Additionally, if you’re planning on getting other facial treatments, dermaplaning could improve the results.

How long does a session take? 

We recommend a series of treatments for best results—and one appointment every three weeks. Each treatment averages about 20 minutes in length. 

Can men get it done too? 

Absolutely! Many spa services are generally geared toward women, but that doesn’t mean men can’t get it. At the end of the day, we should all do self-care, regardless of our gender.

What will my skin feel like afterward? 

Most clients report immediately-visible results, but it may take a day or two to see the full effects of this treatment. Your skin should look and feel baby-soft once you have healed from your appointment.

Does dermaplaning cause acne breakouts? 

It’s actually been shown to improve the health of the pores and boost collagen production, which is an excellent benefit for those with oily skin prone to breakouts.

How long before I need my next appointment? 

We recommend that you book about one treatment every three weeks—but this varies by client and is case-specific based upon age, skin texture, etc. However, we would not recommend going more than four weeks between appointments.

What can I expect after my first treatment? 

Your face will start to feel baby-soft almost immediately, and flakiness should be minimized. You may notice your foundation goes on smoother and stays on better throughout the day. Over time, you may see a significant improvement in skin quality that rivals or exceeds that of many other laser and non-laser procedures available today!

Residents in Denver and Aurora, CO can enjoy radiant skin by visiting Zap Laser Center. Our goal is to provide you with top-of-the-line dermaplaning to help you look and feel your best.

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